Love is King and its partners have the responsibility to provide proactive support for Senate Bill 289. SB 289 is a bold step forward to ensure equitable access and safe refuge in Oregon’s wild spaces for all BIPOC and marginalized communities. Our mission is to transform SB 289 “legislation” into a living document bringing it to life, making it meaningful and actionable. Our S.O.S. Stalwarts of Safety program transforms “legislation” into action. S.O.S. will become a symbol for the movement and represents the strengths and intent of SB 289S.O.S. is literally a human “rally cry”  for all BIPOC and marginalized communities. Our S.O.S. ambassadors [click to learn more] will be mindfully present in the real world, instilling courage, ensuring safety, and igniting conversations that help establish the common ground on which we all stand.

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