Love is King is curating an unique team of BIPOC veterans leaders to travel to the Arctic Village in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), where they are immersed in the culture, lifestyle, and traditions of the Gwichin and Inupiaq people. A people’s whose both connection to the land and subsistence way of life has guided the management of this unique landscape for millennia but is now threatened by the Ambler Access Project (AAP), a proposed 211-mile, controlled industrial-access road in northwest Alaska that would open this fragile landscape up to mineral extraction and destroy one of the last, mostly untouched landscapes on earth. 

July 2-12

Arctic Village

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Western Arctic Petroleum

5 BIPOC Veterans 

All Gender

Serious inquires only. Please send in your professional resume, BIO and honorable prior service background to email: (PTSD / TBI is100% supported.) We will follow up with a zoom invite group date covering trip. 

March 15 last day for submissions.

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