Unearthing My Echo in the Alaskan Wilderness 


I was all bundled up in layers, mostly self-designed gear, when I first stepped into Alaska, thanks to Love is King. The wild, unpredictable climate was nothing like the familiar terrain of the PNW that I knew. In less than two weeks, nature switched moods, from windstorms to snow, from rain to a fleeting warmth.

In the vast Alaskan landscape, far from the city’s noise, I was a small entity amidst an awe-inspiring expanse. Every person we met was intricately connected to the land, an intense bond so real, it was almost tangible. But, the unsettling sight of the pipeline painted a vivid picture of human casualties and stirred an internal conflict within me.

Because of my personal ecology, I’ve always tightrope walked on the edges of societal norms. My life has been an experiment in creative expression, a dance between defiance and creation. But Alaska introduced a new rhythm to my life, a profound unearthing of self, and a deeper connection to the world and environment around me.

Every wind gust, every weather shift, every discomfort faced, became an invitation to explore an untapped wellspring of personal discovery and transformation. These experiences, the serene and tumultuous landscapes of Alaska, have become intertwined with my evolving artistic practice and leadership journey in social justice.

In the echoes of Alaska’s silent and resonant wild, I’ve found a renewed focus on restorative business and practices in my art and design. Every piece created, every story told, is now infused with a commitment to heal, renew, and foster a symbiotic relationship with the environment. This transformation is not just a personal journey but a collective commitment of restoration and conservation.

Due to my experience in Alaska, land art has become a new chapter in fashioning my creative life, where the act of creating art is harmoniously intertwined with the land. Each story I tell is a narrative of coexistence, a testament to the potential harmony between human creativity and nature’s inherent artistry.

Im exploring farther and deeper than i ever thought possible into restorative practices, the balance between creation and conservation. Which is exactly what I’d wished for going into this. And now, every design, every piece of art is a conscious step towards a world where the echoes of creativity resonate in harmony with the silent, powerful narratives of nature’s untouched landscapes.

The discomfort and revelations of Alaska wild continue to resonate within me. They’re reminders that within every journey and every confrontation with the unknown elements, lies a doorway to transformation – not just of the self but of the struggle between human existence and the silent, echoing narratives of the world around us.

Wishing you joy, 
Jocelyn R.

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